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General Assembly 3rd Committee - Social and Humanitarian

It is of utmost necessity that the delegates understand the requirement for discussing, not only the primary, but also the secondary implications of rebellions, wars, proxy wars, and external pressure. The last of these is also called foreign intervention and it plays an important role in influencing the decisions made by governments. The secondary implications include the economic repercussions and political consequences of a war, or an uprising in some part of the world. For instance, since the USA lost the Vietnam War, communism gained a stronger hold on the countries of Cambodia and Laos. This also resulted in the loss of political credibility of the USA government for putting in so much resource into the war. These side effects are extremely important as it was such violations, which caused the Second World War to begin. Hence it is up to the committee to come up with solutions to these secondary implications, albeit with respect to human rights. The committee must necessarily form solutions with respect to human rights violations, but must also consider, while not necessarily solve, the political ramifications of the decisions proposed by the resolution.

Thank You,

Anish Malladi



The Security Council

As simple as the agenda sounds, this committee, as the Security Council must discuss this agenda in a very assenting and constructive manner.  The question of terrorism has been on debate for ages, but that of competent counter insurgency is a problem that has evolved newly. These two topics are equally debatable but delegates have to remember not to bring them up simultaneously, until significant debate has ensued on both topics.

As the SC, delegates are expected to address specific problems as well as solutions and hence this committee will accept moderated caucuses on region or nation specific topics. The position papers although impressive, seem to be addressing those issues which can be easily found on Google – terrorism, UN resolutions on terrorism and the terrorist attacks on your nation. Very little was spoken about counter terrorism or WEAKENING of the NNPT.

So delegates, understand that the main focus of this agenda is counter terrorism in Pakistan and Eurasia (terrorism and its causes will be encompassed in this) as well as the weakening of the NNPT. If you still have not researched about topics like the NATO troops in Afghanistan, the drones in Pakistan, The killing of Osama bin Laden, The Iraqi situation, the Guantanamo bay, the Rana- Headley trial, the 26/11 and measures taken after 9/11 or  the nuclear discrepancies and violations in Iran, the non – signatories of the NNPT, the Kudankulam issue and why these nations are not signing the NNPT ; this is your time to do it and put your heart and soul into research these 3 days.  

Figure out your countries’ stance on each major counter terrorism issue and defend it strongly. Reuters.com should probably be your homepage by now, if not ensure it does become at least an important bookmark. Feel free to think of as many solutions as you want.  The P5 nations please remember to use the VETO wisely.


Eid Mubarak and anxious to see you in the council,

Nishanth Vasanth Kumar