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Indian Parliamentary Standing Committee




A Parliamentary Committee is constituted from time to time, according to an Act of Parliament. This parliamentary committee is an Ad hoc committee, which is appointed for a specific purpose and ceases to exist when it submits a report on the issues assigned to it. As India finds itself on the threshold of a new era, this committee has been constituted to review landmark legislations from the past that deal with issues that will play the vital role in the way India will progress in the years to come. This committee that have a direct bearing on the issues that matter most to today's India, scrutinize solutions offered by them, and outline changes that offer tangible and pragmatic solutions to these problems that cut across fields of employment, national security, development and food security among many others. At the end of the session, this parliamentary committee will publish a report based on which the government will work to alter parts or whole legislations in a manner that will benefit the people of India in the years to come. The bench is looking for members to demonstrate a great deal of understanding of ground realities, and an ability to long-lasting, bold, pragmatic, and innovative that reach out to the common man of India. Is the youth really ready to lead the country? It's your time to show us. The future of the nation lies in your hands.



  • Re-addressing the efficiency of populist bills
  • The Armed Forces Special Powers Act


Executive Board

Chairperson: Arjun Bir

Vice-Chairperson: Shankar Chelliah

Vice-Chairperson: Amogh Chakravarthy