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United Nations Chief Executives’ Board


'The only way to predict the future is to have the power to shape it.'


Delegates, welcome to real power. Welcome to the one place where everyone matters and everyone is in control. Welcome to the committee where every statement is presidential and every policy change, supreme. Welcome to the committee of the UN that can potentially dissolve it. Welcome to the United Nations Chief Executives Board.


This is a committee beyond any restrictions on mandate or jurisdiction. This is a committee beyond vetos and stalemates. This is a committee that decides in unanimity and is willing to go to any extent to make sure it's decision is followed.


The UN CEB holds a triennial meet of the 29 Executive Heads of the United Nations and its Funds and Programmes, the Specialized Agencies, including the Bretton Woods Institutions (The World Bank and IMF), and Related Organizations -the WTO and the IAEA. Apart from this, the UN CEB invites members from across the globe, and a wide spectrum of areas of expertise, to deliberate and formulate the decisions in the High Level Committees on Management and Programme. The most powerful of such summits, is the meeting of the Chief Executives of all countries relevant to an agenda.


The CEB thus aims to solve the two key problems of the UN system - implementation and unanimity and how! Yet, the question is how can countries which never come together, get their presidents to agree on something? How comprehensive can a communique co authored by the east and west be? What does a delegate leverage to get his way out? How many extenuating circumstances can a deliberative summit get rid of? And the most important, is there any way something so powerful, is not doomed to fail?


Welcome delegates, to the one committee which is going to shake the foundations of SGMUN. To delegates to the CEB there is just one mantra -


“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power”

- Lao Tzu





Oil: Politics and Economics 


Trafficking in the drug crescent: Perils and Possibilities


International lobbying organisations: Impact on the United Nation Systems 


Religious Organisation: Politics and policy


Misandry: Systematic discrimination against men


Equality: Unequal influence on national factors on the United Nations Systems


Download Agenda Brief Part 1 here

Download Agenda Brief Part 2 here.