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United Nations Security Council


If the United Nations was "...designed to save humanity from hell...", it is in no small part due to the efforts of the Security Council that the world is not a nuclear wasteland. One of the smallest international committees, the SC is certainly the most powerful and influential room on the face of the planet. With its unique representation designed to include vantages and perspectives from every ethnic and geopolitical background, it is perhaps best equipped to deal with crisis and armed conflict with maximum efficiency. As members of the only committee of the United Nations that can enforce binding clauses, delegates, do remember that with great power, comes great responsibility.


This year at SGMUN, as has always been the tradition, we would be discussing agendas that will open new avenues and introduce amateur MUNners to concepts and treaties that will help them in their journey of discovering the diplomat in them.


The first agenda is a review agenda, which deals with a critical analysis of the American Foreign Policy post 1990. While it does superficially appear to have many flaws, do the ends justify the means? Or is no country above international law, and must sanctions be placed on the United States of America? These are important questions you must consider as your decision will set a precedent for future policy reviews.


The second agenda is a security agenda which deals with the rising military tension on both sides of the Afghan-Pak border. With claims of state sponsored cross border conflict, the SC has to also consider the influx of terrorist groups through the permeable border and the gross human rights violations in the process. Delegates, it is up to you to make the desert border a safer place to live in.




Review of military interventionist policies of the United States of America


Demilitarising the Durand Line


Download Agenda Brief here.